Friday, February 5, 2010

Glazed Happiness

I'm not sure why it took me so long to fire my first batch of ceramic pieces. I've had my kiln for 2 years, fired PMC (Precious Metal Clay) in it and for my birthday last year, bought myself a block of clay. I stayed in my studio for days playing with the clay, re-familiarizing myself the texture and work time. I made some really cute stuff and rediscovered my love for basically playing in the mud.

And then all the work sat there. For almost a year.

As my dear friend, NJ would say, I had THE FEAR.

Not sure why I was afraid of running the kiln. I mean really? What was the worst that could happen? A few pieces explode? I've had that happen before, no big deal. So, I kept looking at the fragile greenware in my studio day after day. I moved them around, sanded down some edges, shuffled them from place to place when they were in the way, but never bothered to put them in the kiln. I used every excuse I could come up with... the garage was too messy so I can't get to the kiln, I should make other pieces just in case these break, I shouldn't be playing with these at all because I should focus on my resin pieces, maybe they aren't dry enough yet (because 8 months isn't enough time, LOL).

Well, 2 days ago, I got over it. I now have several bisque fired pieces with glaze drying on them, ready to be loaded back into the kiln for their final firing. Yes, I should have photos but it is the middle of the night. Give me a break. Taking almost a year to get this far has been work enough :) (UPDATE 02-04-10: added a pic at the bottom.)

Instead, here are some of my favorite ceramic inspirations. I'm looking at them with new eyes and a braver creative heart. We all get THE FEAR. Sometimes you just have to jump in and do. Stop thinking too much and do it.

Lyn Power

Jill Taylor Clay & Magic

Magnolia Pottery


Yes, not very refined pieces but apparently getting back into pottery is not like riding a bicycle. I need more practice. At least I have a good idea how the glazes react now. But I couldn't justify keeping the results to myself :) Along the top of the photo are some mini pots for my succulents, I also tried a little owl and mushroom sculptures to decorate some of my other potted plants and a few pendants. Enjoy!

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