Monday, February 22, 2010

Fabulous GO Vendors: Sweet Wolf & Nepenthe's Bathtime

Nepenthe's Bathtime and Sweet Wolf are two of our awesome vendors at the upcoming Grand Opening celebration. We've gotten to know the two of them well from the numerous events and EtsyAustin meetings we've all been together at, and they are certainly some talented, creative, crafters!

Samantha Hlavaty of Nepenthe's Bathtime creates some awesome soapy goodness, of the likes you've probably never seen before! Check out our favorite: the airstream soap of course! For sale in the Boutique, only $6!
About the history of Nepenthe's Bathtime Sam says "Creating soap and bath products began about 5 years ago as a hobby and a way to diffuse after a stressful day of work, and has managed to morph over the years into a full time business".

Despite the fact that Nepenthe's Bathtime is relatively new, it sounds like she's always been on this path "As a child, I loved to raid my mom's gardens and make little concoctions out of the flowers and herbs. Unfortunately for her, at that age I had absolutely no clue what preservatives were. To this day, I am uncertain of how many moldy jars of mush she discovered throughout our home. I’m afraid to ask! Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot over the years. In general though, I have always loved bath products, aromatherapy and botanicals. Mixing with this a passion for art, design, and colour ... it was a natural fit!"

Another favorite is her popular Sushi Soap! Come see and smell them in person on Thursday at the Grand Opening!

Sweet Wolf is the creation of crafty gal Cathie Fuentes. She's a self proclaimed "nerdy gal who loves to get crafty." Her whimsical creations include flower brooches (above) handbags & clutches, scarves, and even tartan plaid bows, my favorite.
About her craft Cathie says "I have always made things for myself and friends and family. I have dabbled in many, many crafts over the years but I have always loved to sew. I learned how in 2nd grade when my parents bought me my first sewing machine. I then had my first
little entrepreneurship, making and selling tooth pillows. I still have one of the first ones I made and am still proud of it!

I really like to make people happy and giving them something I created helps me do that!
And for a long time, friends have been telling me I need to sell the things I make -- so here we are!"
Check out her Etsy shop Sweet Wolf, and come meet her and see all the wonderful sewn things she makes, Thursday at the Grand Opening!


  1. I'm so excited! for you gals especially, but also-- this is going to be such a fun event!
    and i'll be in such great company all around!
    woo hoo!!

  2. Thanks for the kind post. Thursday will be great!