Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A new Kit in town!

Beth A here, I've been working on a new kit of ours that Beth H had started off with a class (it was our first class) And we figured that it would make a great little kit so we worked on the instructions, making them easier to understand and include lots of diagrams. I also wanted to try making a smaller version of the star to include.

So last night I tried it out and even had my husband Aaron try following the instructions, he had some good comments, like which side is the "front"? With the new instructions, some packaging design and now photos I've gotten these kits up on our Etsy site.

When I first tried the little star, with just scaled down dimensions of the bigger one, I didn't really like how small the center was (see it on the left), so I augmented the template and made another one that I like a lot better (the one on the right). I'm sure you all know about crafty trial and error!

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