Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looking Forward to Halloween!

Jen here! If you follow my personal blog you may have already seen these photographs but I wanted to share them here as well. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I never got over the thrill of dressing up as a creature of the night, or the fun of scaring yourself silly with ghost stories. I am enamored by jack-o-lanterns, bat decorations and fake cobwebs. Despite that, it has been a few years since I really allowed myself the time to concoct a cool costume. This year I am going to be a steam punk Frankenstein monster.

I made myself two hats because I still can't decide on whether to go with the cool vintage hat my dad gave me (I can add goggles to it!) or the cute mini top hat that seems to be exploding on Etsy lately.

To add a little realism to the costume I also took some inspiration from other Etsy artists and made a choker and 2 bracelets that make it look like my head and hands have been stitched on. I made those out of polymer clay and craft wire. Now, I'm trying to make a tulle bustle and add some lace and accessories to my favorite velvet jacket.

Hopefully I'll have the whole thing finished by our Mixx Make Pre-Halloween Craftacular and I'll post pictures of the finished costume.

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