Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Looking for a way you can turn your trash into treasure?  Want to impress your friends with your brilliant crafting skills?  Looking for an inexpensive gift idea?  Dont worry, because here I am with the latest DIY project to brighten up your home space!

What you will need for this project:
*one jar/glass container/ or tallish tin
* two colors of spray paint
*piece of lace ribbon
*spray adhesive
*ribbon or fabric strip (optional
* Newspaper/ cardboard box/ or tarp for spray paint surface
What you will need to finish your gift
*potting soil 
*flower or plant of your choice
STEP 1: Clean and dry your glass container
STEP 2: Lay out your newspaper/ cardboard box/ or tarp to protect your work space
STEP 3Working in your newly defined, and protected work area, spray the outside of the container with the paint color you have chosen to be your base.  Let dry.
STEP 4: Lay your lace flat and spray one side with spray adhesive.  (always using your protected work area)
STEP 5: Wrap your lace, sticky side down, around the glass container.  Press to secure all edges.
STEP 6: Use your second paint color to spray overtop the lace.  This will allow the lace to act as a stencil.
STEP 7: THE BIG REVEAL! Remove your lace...OHHHH!!! AHHHH!!! Let Dry.

STEP 8: Tie your ribbon or fabric strip around the container in a bow 
STEP 9: Add the flower or plant of your choice and fill with potting soil.
Now your ready to enjoy it for your self, or give it as a gift!  They are great for housewarming or business warming gifts!  

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