Monday, October 12, 2009

Computer parts anyone?!

We've spent a couple days now just tearing apart old computer bits getting ready for the Robot Challenge on Thursday and have now created all of our grab bags! We even got an intern who's been a HUGE help!!

Jen made this awesome robot rubber stamp! (you can take her class and learn how)

We scrounged up a lot of these parts from friends and supplemented the stash with stuff bought by the pound from Computers 4 Kids. We got 8 keyboards, mice, and a ton of other junk there, at a bargan to-boot!

The disk drives had some of the best goodies inside, but you need tiny tools to get those apart.

Remote control buttons are so satisfying to push, and their circuit boards are going to make good robot parts.

We now have an enormous stash of keys, they sound just like Legos when you play with them, its cool.

Come get inspired!!! Hope to see you out at the challenge! Its going to be a steep competition so you're sure to see some awesome work, and the drink and appetizer will be delicious!

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