Wednesday, March 10, 2010

International Inspirations

Our lovely partner Kim and I dream of Paris often, so I thought I would do a post dedicated to her. I googled "Paris Crafts" and found this amazing little shop called French Touche that carries handmade crafty items that were so inspiring! I hope someday we can all visit and bring everyone back gifts from this shop!

One of the best things is the names of the designers (called ), this first little bag is made by Please Don't, isn't that a great name!?

I just loved this little bag too, I'm seeing Alice in Wonderland tonight, so the white rabbit was speaking to me! Its got another cute name designer: Mini Labo

And of course the French have always had this fad, the mustache, by Macon & Lesquoy

Now I don't speak French, but if I'm right, this kit is for the Rebellious Gardener!!? Amazing...
Hope you've enjoyed this cultural exploration... comment with any additional international inspirations!

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