Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clever Easter Egg Dyeing Tricks

I've been seeing a lot of great Easter crafty goodness here on the interwebs lately, so I wanted to share. The technique above is my absolute fave - these eggs, spied on Craft, were made by using electrical tape to create stripes. That's genius! Great results that look pretty fancy, but this would be so easy to do!

Design Sponge
also featured an egg-dyeing stroke of genius:

This technique would be more time-consuming than the electrical tape one, but still looks quite easy to do. It's a simplified version of the traditional Ukrainian hot beeswax technique, which I wrote about last Easter. Design Sponge has a full-on, step by step tutorial that makes it look like a cinch!

Southern Living
also has a great how-to up for creating speckled eggs. They used tea to create the brown ones and blue food coloring to make pretty robins' eggs.

Do you have any plans to dye eggs this Easter? What's your preferred method?

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  1. great ideas!! definitely gonna try the speckled eggs out!!

  2. *EEEEEK!* I love these ideas! I love 'em so hard!

    The electrical tape ones are so genius, they look like cute little plaid patterns.

    I am kind of wishing I could do another Easter egg hunt now, just to have an excuse to dye eggs like these. :) Lovely post!