Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being Crafty & Conscious

Are you crafty and conscious?  Love to make and design your own personal and home accessories?  Here are a few tips to help you craft a little greener.

  1. Always be on the look out at your favorite thrift stores for fabric bins, as well as old garments. Just because the garment may be out of date doesn’t mean you cant restyle it into something new and flattering.
  2. Tape your old newspaper pieces together to make patterns and save cereal boxes to  make templates for your projects.
  3. Going through your old clothes to donate to a secondhand store?  Any damaged items that cant be donated can be salvaged for findings.  Save those bits of lace, buttons, and zippers!  Seamstress have been doing it forever, and because of this lace from the 1800’s is surfacing at estate sales and on Ebay today!
  4. You can also find some great vintage findings on Etsy from other crafty supply hoarding gals like yourself.
  5. Take a second look at the things you're throwing away each week and challenge yourself to reinvent these items.  For example old metal tins can be cut up into shapes for jewelry using some metal shears.  

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