Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photo Essay: Our Thrifting Trip

On Monday, all 4 of us WonderCraft gals got together for a fun field trip. Beth A was on the hunt for more goodies for Stella's makeover, plus we were all on the lookout for must-haves for our Halloween costumes. We started out at First Rate Fixtures, where we really, really wanted to buy this flying mannequin & somehow attach it to Stella!


But we refrained, and just bought these cool hands instead.



We also shopped at Out of the Past, which is packed to the brim with amazing finds like this little hoot owl.




This witch must have jinxed us...

Because after our last stop at Savers, we came out to find that Beth A's car battery was dead. A friend of Jen's came over & tried to give us a jump, but it was just not happening, so he had to just drive us home instead. Luckily, we were all still on a thrifting high, and tons of friendly folks stopped to offer help, so it wasn't too bad. We love ya, Austin!

You can see more pics from our thriftapalooza in my Scenic Austin Flickr set.

Be sure to come out for the big reveal of Stella's new look at Glam, Glitter & Gore this Saturday!

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