Monday, August 17, 2009

Stella's interior-its a concept!

Jen and Kim (along with their wonderful men!) put in a ton of work on our girl Stella this weekend. We got the second sub-floor put in, thanks Wes! And even more shining done! She's looking Stellar. Next up is installing the recycled wood flooring we bought off Craig's List, and begin moving on the build out. Here are some rough ideas for what we're planning:

On the left is a long bench that will double as storage and above it a peg board. In the front a bigger table and shelving on the right. Down the middle we'll put up a folding table for classes.

Here is the back, it'll be set up to do check out, or another work space during classes.
We're also painting, making curtains, and figuring out lighting. Anyone have some creative lighting ideas??


  1. Just get cool lights... you will fry in there otherwise! I don't know how much time you have left, but vintage bowls make great repurposed lights!

  2. I like it alot, my only question is, how do you sit on the bench if there is peg board sticking out behind you? You need shielded work lights that take up very little depth due to height restrictions.