Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Shining!

Our Airstream, Stella, is still in the process of renovation and this past Sunday Kim, her husband Jimmy and Beth A spent all day shining her up. Here are some before and after pics:When we got her, she was very dirty, she'd been sitting in the middle of a field in Victoria, TX.

Her windows were covered in dirt, but with a little work, she cleaned up quick.

After trying several different things we got a dull shine out of her, but we wanted more!
Using several different polishers was the only way to get her to shine!

Next week, I'll show you the inside!


  1. What polishers do you recommend? I've got a little Airstream in need of a shining!

  2. She looks really beautiful! All very exciting !

  3. We highly recommend NuVite (also called NuShine). Depending on the level of oxidation, there are different grades. You'll need a variable speed polisher and a dual head polisher for the final grade to get the mirror shine. Tom at Perfect Polish is the bomb http://www.perfectpolish.com/Nuvite.htm . Also, my hubby is thinking of offering polishing services. Drop me an email if you need any additional info.