Friday, May 13, 2011

Renegade Craft: We need YOU!

Next weekend is the hugely awesome Renegade Craft Fair! Its at Palmer Events Center, Saturday and Sunday 11-7. We're bringing Stella right into the mix again this year and have a whole new craft for you. Upcycled Cardboard Matchbook Wallets! Which is why we need your lightweight cardboard, like cereal boxes. If you have any of this stuff lying around please let us know & either bring it to the show or arrange to drop it by beforehand.

See how the wallet looks like a matchbook? You'll be able to cover it with a collage of papers and packing tape or use duct tape for the classic look.
We'll have a boat load of magazines, book paper and other materials to use for collage, but feel free to bring your own stash!

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