Friday, April 15, 2011

Shop +Craft = Shop Crafty!

Our first big spring show is finally HERE! Shop Crafty is this Saturday, April 16th 10am-5pm and I've been geting really amped up about all the cool stuff that will be going on at the show.

First off, you'd better be early because the first 30 will receive awesome goodie bags full of great stuff from us and the other sponsors! We've donated one of crafty tutorials for the ever popular Upcycled Strand Necklace. Read here for more about the other sponsors.And Since we're crafty studio sponsors, we'll have a huge booth with craft lounge! The craft we're doing is to collage & decoupage onto match boxes.

Great if you need matches on display anywhere (um...probably a good idea in the bathroom...) and fun if you just need a little box for buttons or other treasures (ie. if you are a kid who shouldn't have matches or a kid at heart who loves treasure boxes).
It will be a FREE craft, so come play with us! And if you want, bring your own items to decoupage, we'll have lots of great papers & supplies available.

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