Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photo Essay: Scenes from a Make Day

Today all of us WonderCraft gals got together at Kim's for a crafty Make Day! We each worked on our own projects while catching up on what's going on in each other's lives... oh yeah, and watched some old episodes of "21 Jump Street." Good times, for sure!

Kim had a pretty plate full of Mexican pastries for us. So delicious.

I stuffed toys until my hands were tired.

Jen worked on some vinyl jewelry made from old records.

Beth A screen-printed tees to prep for a crafty bachelorette party we're throwing tomorrow night.

And Kim created some new looks with her stash of colorful beads & gold chain.

It's so much fun to get together to craft, and we all had a super-productive day! We're all working on some great new stuff for our upcoming events, so be sure to check the calendar on our website or follow us on facebook to find out what we're up to. Hope to see you soon!

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