Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DIY day: Makin' Fascinators

Today Beth H and I got ready for an upcoming crafty party we're hosting for some girls. They chose a fun craft of making flower and feather fascinators. We spent a few hours getting girly and crafty with feathers, flowers, ribbons and our trusty glue guns.

We promised hair clips, head bands, necklaces & bracelets. Beth and I started off by making a few hair clips with fake flowers and feathers, trying a couple different clip types and attachment techniques. Not to mention some important trial and error.
Above is my first attempt at a bracelet, it was too big so I turned it into a headband, which worked much better. This purple bracelet is H's successful go, a very cute corsage!
Our necklace design was simple and it inspired me to make a cute "flower child" style headband, see below.
Do y'all think we should make these into kits? Let us know how you are keeping crafty this summer!


  1. Yes to making kits! How fun, and the flowers are really pretty too...good job ladies!

  2. Yes, fab idea for kits. Sooo pretty!