Saturday, June 12, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Brandy Davis of Pigsey Art

We have the great pleasure of knowing and representing in our boutique one very talented and very funny crafter by the name of Brandy Davis, owner of Pigsey Art. I first met Brandy almost two years ago, at one of the first EtsyAustin meetings and her sarcasm and wit won me over immediately, and that was even before I saw her amazingly creative products!Brandy's journals are only the main feature of her unique business which includes magnets (which we carry in Stella's Boutique), bookmarks, and even pendants, all showcasing her love for vintage books and illustrations.

I was able to get Brandy to answer a few questions for me in order to give you a little insight into her business and what she's got goin' on. Check it out:
How and when did you decide to start your crafty business?
I had been doing traditional bookbinding as a hobby for many years before I discovered Etsy which is really what pushed me into creating a business. At first, I did some simple paper products to continue my hobby for fun in my first Etsy store in early 2007. By the end of 2007 I had decided to make Pigsey Art a serious business and focus on my love of journals and unique products. In 2008 I went down to a part-time job to make Pigsey Art more of a success as my focus turned to doing local art and craft fairs. Now, I work at Pigsey Art full time out of my spacious workroom in my house and have never been happier.What is your favorite product to make? I love the old school readers in particular, I get really excited when I find a box of them. The classic stylization and dynamic illustrations easily make them my favourite books to turn into journals. People seem to love them too because of the childhood nostalgia they provoke.Anything new coming up? I am actually just starting to get the framework together to start screen printing on blank book covers and I plan to have a line of them rolled out by the fall. It's really exciting to start a new product and offer even more diversity to your loyal customers.

What is your favorite local business? I am an absolutely huge fan of Craft Chi owned and operated by Amy Ybarra-Murphy. I love her screen printed images which are classically simple and reminiscent of nature. She uses a fabulous combination of colours and organic fabrics in a wide range of products, many of which I own. I'm even having her make some custom items right now, I love her! (We also love Craft Chi and carry several of her products in our boutique.)

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