Thursday, May 20, 2010

Renegade Re-Cap: It rocked and I bought some awesome stuff!

Last weekend's utterly amazing Renegade Craft Fair (in Austin for the first time ever!) was jam packed with awesome vendors and had a huge turn out to boot! None of us knew what to expect and we were blown away with the rush on Saturday morning. The organizers told us that 1500 people came through the doors in the first hour alone!

By Sunday evening, the crowd had dwindled, we'd run out of "timber" for our "Trick Out Some Timber" craft (luckily people still loved trying the image transfer onto cardboard). Around 6pm I took the opportunity to run around the fair to do my shopping and here is what I bought:

Two heart shaped bracelets from Verameat (I love hearts... I mean Paired Hearts represent!)
And two cutie onesies from harrilu. The toaster is in homage to my pup Toast and I thought the kitten was just adorable. I also ordered a custom clutch from Jenny N. Design, can't wait to receive it! -Like this but with a different leather:

My husband came and bought:

A cool tee from KDS Clothing, and a rad Tortoise poster from Empire Press.

Our booth was rocking it too, here are a bunch of pics to prove it:
Pre-opening, I'm up on the roof to do some cleaning & decorating.

From the time the doors opened on Day 1 until they closed on Day 2, our interactive area was hoppin'!

We showed guests how to "Trick Out Some Timber" with a simple image transfer technique, & then use decoupage &/or picks from our stash of cool ribbon, trims, buttons & baubles to give it some unique flair.




A steady stream of shoppers enjoyed browsing the handmade goods inside Stella's Boutique (at times it was shoulder-to-shoulder in there!), & we had our famous design-your-own pinback buttons station just outside the door.


A big "thank you" to everyone who came out! We had such a fabulous time spreading the crafty love & made lots of new friends. Can't wait for Renegade Austin 2011! {Oh yes, I think it's gonna happen!} : )


  1. Wow that looks like so much fun and craziness!

  2. awesome. Sadly your booth was soo packed that I was unable to visit you. However I admired stella from afar. :)

  3. I didn't stop by either -- the crowd was insane! A very good thing!!

  4. The trailer was so crowded every time I walked by I never got to go in, which is awesome. I did spy a mirrored Air Stream Trailer necklace which I need to make mine at some point. Maybe I'll come by the Babes meeting on Thursday and score one.

  5. yes, it was crazy-busy! we're not complainin', but too bad it kept y'all from going in. Do come by tomorrow night for the Babes in Biz meeting; it will be fun! and we've still got some of those mirrored Stella necklaces. : )