Thursday, September 24, 2009

Airstream What!

Hey all, Beth A here. (I thought you might like to know which one of us is writing, cause we all switch) I thought I'd do a post about how awesome Airstreams are and basically show off some amazing ones that are certainly inspiring! If you want to see the current state of our girl Stella, you have to come out to one of our next events, she'll be out this Saturday from 12-3 at Jerry's Artarama, where we're doing a Recycled Creatures make-and-take craft. And then she'll be at Get Your Art On! as well as Art Outside.

These first incredible Airstream interiors were alerted to me by a good friend, Debbie Carroll (she's really talented, view her stuff here). She sent me to this blog who had done a feature on a cool hotel down in Capetown, South Africa called The Grand Daddy. They've got all these themed Airstreams that you can stay in!
I think I want to stay in this one next time I go to South Africa. Look at the pink oven!

I also found this amazing restoration site on the blog Behind the Rivets, where they've done a great job and kept the trailer fully functional. They were even featured on the DIY network.

I was also amazed to find that Mini has partnered with Airstream to design a trailer that even the Mini can tow! Check it out here.
Lastly, Design Sponge featured a beautiful Airstream turned boutique, that is truly inspirational! Here is the full post.

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